Thumbnail support for Wiki

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 18 Jan 2007 08:22:23 PST

In the Ammocharis example I think it does look better the second way, but 
the mouse over text which is very interesting and a valuable addition to 
that wiki page is much smaller than the rest of the text. I'm wondering if 
that wouldn't make it difficult to read for the visually impaired. Another 
alternative would be to move the text above the thumbnails.

So we now have:………

If you did it the last way the mouse over in the current version text could 
be shortened since the information would be above.

It is going to take an extremely long time to make these changes on the 
wiki so it is important for us to figure out what we want first before we 
start changing pages so we don't have to change them more than once. For 
instance there are some experiments that were done without the mouse over 
text before it worked where the thumbnails work but the mouse over text is 
limited since it didn't seem needed.

For those of you who wish we weren't taking so much time on the list about 
this, our wiki is a list project so having it work for all of us is a good 
goal. But you could send your comments to me or Jay or Susan or all three 
of us privately if you'd like. And if you want to help us make the changes, 
contact me privately. The nice thing about Jay's work is that the old and 
the new can still work simultaneously so we don't have to make the changes 
immediately. We may have to break up the long pages so they won't take so 
long to load as we have done already for Allium and Moraea and South 
African Gladiolus and that I can tell you from experience is very time 
consuming to do.

Mary Sue

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