Massonia leaves
Mon, 29 Jan 2007 16:47:35 PST
Wild leaves on some of these Massonias, worth growing for those alone. Kind of reminds me of Cypripedium acaule or the leaves of Cypripedium section Trigonopedia.

Bonaventure Magrys
Cliffwood Beach, NJ

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> Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2007 19:44:08 -0800
> From: Mary Sue Ittner 
> Subject: [pbs] Massonia depressa
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> Recently my Massonia depressa has been blooming for the first 
> time from 
> seed sowed fall 2002. I had remembered reading an article about 
> how this 
> species was pollinated by rodents (gerbils) at night and the 
> elaborate 
> system they had to discover this so I was fascinated to look at 
> the flowers 
> on my plant. I added some pictures to the wiki showing the 
> plant, flowers, 
> and nectar in a close-up.
> And for those of you who might be interested I found that an 
> article about 
> the rodent pollination on the Internet including pictures of the 
> animals at 
> work.
> I'm very fond of the Massonias I grow. I was happy that Massonia 
> jasminiflora that I was unsuccessful growing from seed (twice), 
> that I 
> subsequently purchased from Gordon Summerfield (with all the 
> proper 
> documentation) this year is now growing at the right time for my 
> hemisphere 
> and one even bloomed. There are pictures of this species on the 
> wiki from 
> Cameron McMaster.
> Mary Sue

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