Crinum lovers rejoice!

James Yourch
Wed, 31 Jan 2007 08:14:25 PST
Hi all,

A few weeks ago I added thumbnail support to the phpwiki software that
runs the PBS Wiki and this has prompted the conversion of many Wiki
pages to use the new thumbnail syntax.  As most of you already know, I
am bit of a Crinum addict, so I chose those pages as some of the first
that I would convert.

While the Crinum species page is fairly sparse (I hope to change that
this summer with new additions), the Crinum hybrids page was already
overflowing, so during the conversion I broke it into multiple pages
grouped by the color of the flowers.  There are now 4 pages for the
colors: White (for pure white and white with pale markings), Pink (for
blushes, light and medium pinks), Red (for dark pinks and rose reds),
and Striped (for well defined, not diffuse, stripes on a white

The original Crinum hybrids page no longer has any photographs or
detailed information on it, but it does have a big new table that's an
alphabetical listing of hybrids by name, with clickable links to the
detailed information on other pages.  It also has a small new table that
links to the individual color pages.

Here are the links to the new pages:……………

Not really new, but it now has thumbnails:…

What I would like to do next is another table that's organized by the
parents of the hybrids so that their relationships can be readily
observed.  This will also have clickable links to each hybrid and its
parents, whether those parents are a species Crinum or another hybrid.
I'll keep you posted.



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