Wiki tables for genera/thumbnails

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 31 Jan 2007 08:21:57 PST

I'd just like to announce that Jay has continued to improve our wiki and 
helped find a way to make tables for our longer wiki pages so that you can 
click on the name and go directly to the description and pictures. That's 
the good news. The bad news from the stand point of those of us who work on 
the wiki is that making these changes takes many many hours to do. So it 
will be some time before all of our pages have thumbnails and  the longer 
ones are split into multiple pages and a table made. We all should send 
thanks to Linda Foulis who has been busy converting a lot of the pages so 
you can see the thumbnails.

I've done Calochortus and Cyclamen and Jay has done Crinum hybrids so you 
may want to take a look:………

It's just a coincidence that they all start with C. I love Calochortus and 
Jay loves Crinum and Susan and I were already working on Cyclamen adding 
some  John Lonsdale pictures, especially of species we didn't have 

Mary Sue

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