Arctic Express

Adam Fikso
Mon, 15 Jan 2007 14:48:59 PST
Hello Bob Werra;  Re your setup for arctic weather.  I think that it's 
ingenious and inexpensive.  But, I must comment on the idea of using larger 
lights-- Don't Do It!!.

 They are likely to get wa-a-ay too hot.  If the usual 2" Xmas tree standard 
lights are enough to burn my fingers,(and I've been burned)--  under a cover 
they are likely to burn up some of your plants, and maybe even set a blanket 
or tarp on fire. The smaller holiday lights (used also for Diwali) if 
insufficiently warm, only need to be increased in number... Or, one could 
buy a new string with the lights closer together, e.g., every 4 inches (new 
ones)  instead of 7-8 (old ones).

An alternative to the blankets, might be to add a small fan  or two to the 
inside of your makeshift greenhouse.  It might  eliminate the drip, keep 
down the risk of fungus growth, and with the sunlight coming through the 
plastic covering  could improve the general welfare. Basically what you've 
done is build a plastic tunnel even if you haven't thought of it that way. 
Investing in one or a small greenhouse might be an easier way to go about 

 Adam in Glenview where it's 29 and frozen.

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