Botany Photo of the Day

Joe Shaw
Mon, 15 Jan 2007 17:05:07 PST
Hi Gang,

    Canada has some wonderful botany-related resources.  One of my favorites 
(known to me only from the Internet) is the University of British Columbia 
Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research.  I have browsed through the 
Web site many times and always find something new to learn when I visit.

    One feature is the Botany Photo of the Day.  Today the photo shows 
Colchicum flowers in bloom, in a garden in Ukraine.  Most of the time each 
image is accompanied by some commentary or useful information.

LINK:  Botany Photo of the Day, January 15, 2007…

    Another photo that I really like depicts Puya santosii in bloom, a 
terrestrial bromeliad.  Puya is not a bulb or geophyte, but I enjoy growing 
terrestrial bromeliads and Puya's produce some beautiful flowers.  Some Puya 
spp. are hardy here (to 20 F or so) and enjoy the year-round Gulf Coast 

LINK:  Botany Photo of the Day, December 9, 2006…

    I guess y'all can figure out where I spend some time on the Internet, I'm 
a first rate image gawker and find the UBC plant images to be generally 
first rate.  If you like all plants, you'll like the UBC Web site.



Conroe, TX

Cold tonight, perhaps a few degrees of frost

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