Crocus laevigatus

Lauw Dejager
Thu, 04 Jan 2007 01:40:27 PST
 C laevigatus fontanayi flowers here normally mid novembre till early
january. This year it is still flowering and might still last 2 more weeks.
When stock comes from Holland flowering is allways 2-3 weeks later than the
corms  which are  already acclimatised here. But C imperati allways flowers
after C laevigatus and is not yet showing at the moment.

le 4/01/07 4:45, Jim McKenney à a écrit :
> My original stock of this plant is now many years old, and it generally
> blooms in mid-winter; in the typical crocus line up it blooms after Crocus
> imperati and before C. korolkowii. 

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