Seed imports to Oz

Bill Richardson
Fri, 26 Jan 2007 00:36:53 PST
Hi Geoffrey,
thanks for adding this. I always go to the list before I buy seed to see
what is allowed into the country in the way of seed. . I've received
amaryllis seed, sprouting from South Africa  in the past as well, but I
cannot now recall whether these parcels were inspected, although they did
have the necessary stickers on them.
I think we have a great system here - we have enough weedy plants already
escaped  here into the bush and we don't need any more.
Bill Richardson,
Ixia King
Summer   7c. to  32c.  at present
West Gippsland,
"Almost any garden, if you see it at just the right moment, can be confused
with Paradise" Henry Mitchell

> However, I would clarify Bill's comment in response to Lee that we have
'no such restrictions'.  We cannot import any plant material listed as
prohibited on AQIS's Import Conditions Database (ICON)…  These are mainly
plants which naturalise easily to become weeds.  Also, we can only have one
species in a packet and the seed must be clean (ie out of the berry/no dirt)
and be labelled with the botanical name. Oh, and seeds cannot be
sprouting...a bit tricky with some of the Amaryllis seeds.

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