Seed imports to USA

Myke Ashley-Cooper
Fri, 26 Jan 2007 00:36:24 PST
I indeed don't know you or wish to, for that matter! As I wrote, all I want to do is take some seed that came from the USA back into the country from which it came! Without being rude - which is why I may have over-reacted to your comment about smuggling - other members have kindly advised me how to go about this. End of subject.
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  From: Bill Richardson 
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  please get your facts straight before you make untrue accusations about
  someone you obviously don't know.
  I have never "smuggled" seed in from PBS and I don't need a permit or a
  phyto to bring in the seeds I get in Australia. Everything I bring in has
  the necessary paperwork. You should follow the same example or leave your
  seeds behind in SA!


   I don't know where you live in Australia but bet that you have "smuggled'
  in seed from the PBS without the necessary import permits or phytosanitary
  > Myke

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