Lilium 'Mrs R O Backhouse'
Wed, 13 Jun 2007 08:41:40 PDT
 Lilium x dalhansonii may be used as a name from all crosses of L.martagon var. dalmaticum ( the deepest colored blackish-purple forms of martagon) with L. hansonii but it also refers to a single clone that is identifiable with old illustrations and should hence be called ' Dalhansonii 'for the original plant. I was going to dump it last year but fortunately never got around to it since it made a stunning show this year,undoubtedly aided by a mulch of old manure last year.  As a hybrid it has narrow tepals (floral segments) in comparison with more recent clones but the sheer mass of flowers makes up for this.

 The first hybrid clone to flower here was the aptly named 'Early Bird' ( or is it 'Earlybird' ?) and the last to flower with as yet green buds will be the superb ' Mahogany Bells ' . The dark reddish 'Claude Shride ' is in its full glory now. My only regret with these very virus resistant lilies is that their heavy unpleasant scent makes them unsuitable as cut flowers for the house.

 Some of the hybrids with the closely related L.tsingtauense are rather good such as the orange out-facing ' Nepera ' .

Jerry John Flintoff
Vashon Island,Washington,USA Zone 8
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