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Wed, 13 Jun 2007 08:56:26 PDT
   In addition to those shooting stars (Dodecatheons ) that Jane mentions several others have been very permanent.

    D hendersonii in some forms has persisted for years in the garden.  Another that Jane is somewhat dismissive of, D dentatum, can be much showier than the forms she is probably familiar with in the Columbia River Gorge, such as one collected years ago in western Idaho that has stouter stems and more substantial flowers. 

    Two forms of the widespread and variable D pulchellum have lasted for many years as pot plants here, viz the dwarf  ' Sooke ' form that comes true from seed.  It hales from Sooke Harbor on the southern coast of Vancouver Island, BC.  The prettiest one I've seen is ' Red Wings ' in the original clone that seems brighter colored than the countless seedling progeny that I've seen and grown.  It was collected many years ago (prior to 1950's ?) by the somewhat secretive Carl and Edith English who lived in Seattle.  One would really love to know where they found it.

     Does anyone grow D amethystinum?  All the seed I've received as that species has turned out to be (mostly) D meadia.

Jerry John Flintoff
Vashon Island,Washington, USA, Zone 8
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