More pictures added to another Moraea page

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 03 Jun 2007 21:51:56 PDT

I finished adding images to…

The first one is Moraea herrei. It used to be the only species in the genus 
Barnardiella. When it became a Moraea, it got merged into the Moraea 
subgroup instead of being a subgroup of one species. It looks more Galaxia 
like to me. Picture from Rod Saunders and Silverhill seed.

Moraea inclinata-- Picture from Audrey Cain.

Moraea inconspicua -- We saw this in Namaqualand and it seems aptly named. 
I think our close-ups make it look a bit more interesting than it seemed in 

Moraea loubseri -- Another photo from Alan Horstmann

Moraea lugubris -- I was excited to see this one in the Darling reserve on 
the West Coast. We saw a lot in flower that day, but it was a bit windy at 

Moraea lurida -- Audrey Cain is sharing a new photo of a really lurid one. 
Mine all look alike in spite of their being grown from a mixed seed batch. 
This year the flowers seemed smaller than usual however. Something really 
likes the flowers in my garden. Maybe a grasshopper? Earlier I added some 
really interesting variations that Cameron McMaster photographed in the wild.

Moraea macrocarpa -- Photo from Audrey Cain

I hope some of you enjoy these pictures.

Mary Sue

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