Max Withers
Tue, 05 Jun 2007 12:45:58 PDT
I just want to clarify that I was not accusing David of stealing or Mary 
Sue -- God forbid -- of laziness. I know this is a (considerable) labor 
of love for everyone involved. I am certainly not volunteering go 
through and add references to every page! (Though I will happily add 
this reference to the Neomarica page if that is determined to be 

I only meant to suggest that it would be very useful for those of us who 
write or edit the descriptions to note the source they are using. This 
goes back to earlier discussions about the relative uselessness of 
wikipedia*: the reference need not be up-to-date or even particularly 
good, but it is still authoritative in a way that the internet is 
(mostly) not. I would say that links are mostly superfluous anyway, all 
that is needed is a standard bibliographic citation.


* Of course, our wiki is vastly superior to wikipedia in that the 
contributors have a demonstrable and often profound knowledge of the 
subject. For example the discussions of intraspecific varibility by May 
Sue and others are (for me, anyway), just as valuable as an 
"authoritative" key.

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