References on the wiki

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 05 Jun 2007 11:28:15 PDT

There is only so much time a few of us who administer the wiki have time to 
do.  (Jay Yourch, Linda Foulis, and me at the moment.) Long ago Jane McGary 
suggested we create a references page or bibliography as Rodger Whitlock 
suggested it could be named.…

Jane asked people to add their favorite references and a small number of 
people did that. It was our grand plan to link to the appropriate reference 
for specific genera on the wiki genus page. That happened in some 
instances, but mostly only if someone cared enough to make the link. There 
have always been more things to do on the wiki than I've had time to do. 
It's always possible for people to edit pages and add links to resources 
for a genus. I do that all the time when I come across one I think would be 
valuable for someone to know about who has looked at our wiki page. One of 
the problems with adding a lot of links is that they don't always work 
later. And our wiki is so large now that checking for links that work is 
impossible. But if I come across one that doesn't work or someone alerts me 
to it, the link is removed. We made an administrative decision not to add 
links to web sites with a lot of pictures of different genera, thinking 
that could turn out to be a nightmare to keep up to date, but do link to 
sites specific for one genus.

If someone wants to take on the project of adding links for references that 
would be fine. Contact me privately if you have questions about how to do 
it or if you want to be an approved wiki editor.

Mary Sue

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