Neomarica -stumbling toward ID

James Waddick
Tue, 05 Jun 2007 11:20:32 PDT
Dear Dave, Max Mary sue and all who have contributed...

	but esp Lindolpho Capellari Junior. WOW

	I immediately downloaded the thesis (after registering) and 
was /am quite boggled. With my limited Spanish and a Macintosh 
Portugese translation widget, I fumbled through the 3 page key 
beginning on P 99.
	Fig 16 on p. 103 " Morphological Characters used in the Key" 
is an exceptionally handy representation of each dichotomous state in 
the key and shows character differences for each couplet. I don't 
think I have ever seen this done better.

	He includes 20 species in the genus. Innes has 13 species 
(that don't match Senor Capellari's) and Mabberley (my 'Bible") also 
has just 13 species.

	This will keep me busy for a while. 	Thanks to all. 		Jim W.

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