Haemanthus growth cycles?

Matthew Gale matthewgale@talktalk.net
Fri, 22 Jun 2007 10:39:19 PDT
I guess this is a strange topic, since most of us try very hard to simulate 
the conditions our bulbs experience in the wild, but has anyone successfully 
encouraged winter-growing Haemanthus to grow during the summer in the 
northern hemisphere? I guess there would be very little point for those of 
you living in California, but what about the people who live in less 
sun-kissed climates?

I often think about how much easier it would be if my winter growing 
Haemanthus would just grow in the summer when the light would be better. 
I've never tried to get them to grow in the summer instead, primarily 
because I'm not sure about what triggers dormancy and growth in Haemanthus. 
I used to think it was drought followed by moisture, but I now keep the base 
of the pots damp during dormancy in order to keep the roots in good 
condition and have, occasionally, had accidents with watering during 
dormancy which don't seem to cause the plants to spring into growth. Is 
temperature the trigger, or a combination of both?

Has anyone got any thoughts on this?


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