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Sun, 24 Jun 2007 05:07:23 PDT
HI Alberto,

There is much confusion between the species C. asiaticum, pedunculatum and 
procerum - both because some of the plants offered are actual hybrids 
between these species and  there is natural variation in each species as 
well as misidentification.  The tropical forms of C. pedunculatum from 
Northern Australia for instance have longer trunk columns and broader 
flatter leaves. They also  offset infrequently and dont split so in natural 
growing conditions you only see the one plant and if there are others around 
it they have developed from seeds. In my experience most plants passing as 
asiaticum offset lightly to heavily  but dont split.I have bought seeds of 
asiaticum from America and England and the plants look quite different.

 As for C. procerum, there appears to be both splitting and offset forms - 
and the larger forms are more likely to split and the more gracile forms 
offset.  I think the conditions leading to spliting and offsetting is more 
likely to be a response to climatic and cultural conditions. For example in 
the wild, C. pedunculatum grows in dunes next to sandy beaches and they 
withstand intensely hot and dry conditons for many months and are typically 
found growing as single trunked specimens.  However when brought into 
cultivation these same specimens with plenty of water and nutrition will get 
plump and most will split doubling or tripling themselves. However if you 
grow them in relatively small tubs you dont have this problem, and they will 
still grow to a reasonable size.
We really need to collect seed of Crinums from  SouthEast Asia, India, Japan 
and the south Pacific to be really sure of the differences between.


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> Hi all, I have a question, maybe banal.
> How does multiply asiaticum (beside seeds, of course)?  Does it split the 
> columnar bulb or by offsets? I thought to have a C. asiaticum, but now I 
> am not so sure!
> What are the differences between procerum pedunculatum asiaticum?
> Thank you very much
> Alberto
> Italy
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