Checklists for Rain Lilies

Robt R Pries
Sun, 24 Jun 2007 09:02:47 PDT
Does anyone know of a descriptive checklist for Rain
Lilies? The international registrar for small bulbs is
the Dutch KAVB. I have their 1991 International
Checklist for Hyacinths and Miscellaneous Bulbs and I
am unaware of a more recent edition. In that reference
there are only seven Zephyranthes listed. I know that
many plants do not ever get registered, and even when
they do the Dutch may drop them from their list if
they are not in Dutch commerce.

I have prepared several sectional checklists for the
American Iris Society. Where appropriate I have
included plants that were introduced but never
registered. These comprehensive lists are helpful
because, when known, they provide the parentage of
hybrids, and the name of the hybridizer and where they
were introduced into commerce along with a description
of course and other information. I am wondering if
such checklists exists for different bulb groups.

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