Identifying a Volunteer Galdiolus

John Grimshaw
Thu, 21 Jun 2007 08:38:21 PDT
I can't suggest what is - although it looks like one of the Colvilei 
hybrids, but I can hazard an explanation for a route to its odd location...

Here we have quite a problem with squirrels planting horse chestnuts 
(Aesculus) in pots and any other loose ground as they bury them in autumn 
for recovery later: they vigorous young saplings spring up next year and are 
quite a nuisance. I have also had pots of Crocus banaticus corms ravaged by 
mice and assumed that they were all in their bellies, but have later found 
them popping up in other plants' pots, so they too must have been stored for 
later reference. So perhaps a rodent has carried off a corm of the mnmystery 
Gladiolus from somewhere and buried it in a convenient pot of soil.

John Grimshaw

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> Dear Donna,
> First of all welcome to the PBS list. We have a number of members who live
> in Texas.
> Your Gladiolus is very pretty and it's very strange how it could have
> arrived if you don't have Gladiolus in your garden and you mix your own
> soil. I 

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