Boophane disticha X Brunsvigia josephinae ?

Harold Koopowitz
Tue, 05 Jun 2007 20:11:50 PDT
No reason why these should not be hybrids. We have numerous crosses 
using Amaryllis belladonna hybrids with B. josephinae and white they 
have not flowered yet the plants are intermedate between the two 
parents. We also have A. belladonna with Boophane disticha and Nerine 
sarniensis - again the plants look intermediate.

Tustin CA.

At 07:09 PM 6/5/2007, you wrote:
>One of my summer growing Boophane disticha bloomed recently (my only 
>one to do so.)   Since I have been unable to self this in previous 
>years, I thought I would try frozen Brunsvigia josephinae pollen 
>collected last fall.   While the pods are not completely ripe yet, 
>it does appear seed is developing.  I opened one of the most ripe 
>looking seed heads to find 3 firm, cream-colored seeds, each approx 
>5mm or 3/16in in diameter.  Two of these display a light pinkish 
>tinge on one side.  Any similar experiences out there, guesses as to 
>the viability of this seed, or as to the likelyhood these may 
>actually produce hybrid plants?  I thought normal B.disticha seed 
>was usually green and slightly larger.
>   Ken
>   San Diego, CA
>   USDA zone 10, maybe 11
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