Hippeastrum miniatum

Ronald Redding ron_redding@hotmail.com
Mon, 12 Mar 2007 17:58:13 PDT
Is Hippeastrum miniatum a desirable "item" for collectors?


You have asked a question that I have asked myself at the beginning of the 
year when I took a long hard look at what I would like to add to my 
collection. In this country there are many hybrids and I myself have an 
extensive collection of these and one or two worthy plants I have hybridised 

There are also many hydrids that contain what appears a lot of miniatum in 
its breeding here and are often sold as common garden hybrids. I am after 
many different species as this is one area I am sadly very lacking in my 
collection. I do not have a species miniatum however it did not make my wish 
If one was available at a time I was about I would grab it however I am not 
actively seeking any. So in short, I believe it has its place in a 
collection however it probably would not be the most prized for mine. I hope 
this answers your question and I hope that I haven't upset anyone that holds 
a h. miniatum plant above all others as everyone has their own favourites.

Kind Regards and Best Wishes
Ron Redding
Hervey Bay

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