snails & slug

Alani Davis
Mon, 12 Mar 2007 21:08:43 PDT

There has been quite an array of responses to this thread, and I bet the
solutions all work based on my understanding of chemistry and biology, but I
wanted to bring up again one of the original responses = beer. There are
several points about the beer method that are worth noting. These may vary
with slug and snail species, but with the slugs of European origin that I
was dealing with (sorry- don't know the species) this technique was
exceptional. I used 4" plastic plant saucers with a .25-.5" (.5-1 cm) of
beer (even lite or American beers work!)  and with that small amount of beer
that is a lot of saucers per can/bottle. What is so great about it, is that
is attracts the slugs to it rather than needing to be broadcast, and though
refreshing the beer and removing the dozen to thirty pickled slugs was a
task and I did worry about drunk slug-eating birds..., I don't think there
are any other negative environmental effects which is quite the bonus.
Gardens are not natural environments in most cases, so unless the bulbs you
like are from similar habits to those you live around, chances are native
species are less likely to be affected unless they can adapted to your
garden conditions. A selection of species though out the world are so
adapted and many of these become "invasive exotic" pests of gardens, but
this is an aside.

Alani Davis
Tallahassee, Florida

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