Leucojum vernum

Agoston Janos agoston.janos@citromail.hu
Fri, 02 Mar 2007 14:21:41 PST
Hi All,

Leucojum is native in Hungary, and it is protected, because of overcollection. Both green and yellow spotted forms are native and ther are double flowered forms too.
L. v. var. vernum has got single flowered stems, with green blotches at the end of the petals.
var. wagneri is same as vernum, but stems have got 2 flowers.
var. carpathicum has got single flowered stems with yellow spots. These are native as far as I know... and the last is the common. 
var. podpolozje is same as carpathicum with double flowers. This is not native and have not seen here yet...

These bubs were sold here, and are still sold from cultivated stock from Hungary. The Dutch is not good. Bulbs cannot dry out, or they rot away. So they must be packed damp as lilies.

I have made a special frame for bulbs. 30 cm deep sandy soil, which may dry out fully in summer altough it is warered 2 weeks. They are planted at least 15 cm deep, but the best is 20-25 cm. I think they root into the clay which is the soil here under the frame, and they get sufficient moisture during summer thanks to the roots so they are alive for 4 years now. altough the ferns were dryed out summer in that frame...

So I think you do not need a wet place for them, just ensure the roots are allways attached to the bulb. With a whole year moist soil you may have a big vegetative propagation, just let them establish. They do not like disturbance.

I grow L. aestivum too. They set seeds and they are not as demanded as L. vernum. Bulbs also do not like disturbance, and best is when they are evergreen, or green in the most parts of the year. When planted in clay they were green from march till the end of october. In the first 2 years the 8/10 bulbs does not flowered at all, but grown to size 14/16 and 16/+. If overcrowded divisions can be made in July. Ensure, that the roots are in a damp soil during manipulation. They re-root in 2-4 weeks, so watering is necessary.

Last year or the year before last I had to replant the whole frame so I put them in pots till replanting, and they survived and flowered next year. Not as much as before, but 4 flowers were on a stem.

Hope this helps...

Jani Z5a

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