Airports and Plants

David Ehrlich
Fri, 02 Mar 2007 14:34:21 PST
I can understand wanting to collect plants and get them home, but you may be bypasing state laws which have been put in place for good reason: to prevent the spread of noxious pests and pathogens.  You may, probably are, very careful to clean your collected material, but that may not be enough.  Years ago, when I lived in Southern California, and had a wonderful cactus collection, I went on a collecting junket to Arizona.  I sneaked some thoroughly cleaned plants back home.  But, when I inspected them later, I found an insect, still alive, burrowed deep inside one of them.  It's worth letting the government agents do ther job -- they have all the proper equipment.  And surprisingly, they really are on your side.

David Ehrlich

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