"Lachenalia pearsonii" NOT question

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Hello Mary Sue~~~~
This is exactly what I needed to know. I'm so glad to have discovered this resource. I've had some very good feedback. Thank you. 
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Dear Marilyn,

Most of us consider the Lachenalia 'Pearsonii'  you are talking about as a 
cultivar of L. aloides, which is one of best species in my opinion. I love 
all of varieties I grow.  In the Hobbs and Hatch book on bulbs (New Zealand 
authors), they write under the descriptions from L. aloides : 'Pearsonii' 
is a widely grown selection with bright scarlet-orange flowers edged with 
red. It was raised in New Zealand and has long been considered to be a 
hybrid but is now thought to be a form of L. aloides. It should not be 
confused with the species L. pearsonii."

Mary Sue

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