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Dell Sherk
Fri, 02 Mar 2007 12:13:41 PST

Dear Marilyn,

Welcome to the PBS list! I too live in PA (north of Phila.) and in the past,
I grew quite a few Lachenalias indoors under lights. I found that they grew
and bloomed most successfully with very bright light and very cool temps. In
the attic room where I grew them, the winter temps stayed in the low 40's F
for days on end and sometimes went into the high 30's. And that's what they
liked the best. Not long ago Mary Sue reposted an introduction to lachs from
Don Journet in Australia. You can find it in the archives or perhaps on the
wiki, and Don's email address may even be there (I don't remember if he is a
member of our list.) He is a very nice guy and grows zillions of

Dell Sherk, Director, PBS BX
SE PA, Zone 6/7

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