Administrative changes

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 14 Mar 2007 18:29:09 PDT

Susan Hayek who has helped me a great deal with the list and the wiki for a 
number of years is no longer able to continue because of family needs and 
medical problems. She was a joy to work with, always willing, good at 
communicating, and very fast at accomplishing what she offered to do. She 
was eager to learn and to help and I will miss all her support.

Diane Whitehead has agreed to assist Arnold and me as a list administrator. 
We are happy to have her help.

Jay Yourch continues to provide a lot of good technical support for the 
wiki which is much needed. We now have an updated version of our wiki 
installed, but there is still a lot of fixing that he will need to do 
before it works and all the pages load and the approved users can edit and 
add pictures again. During our conversion to thumbnails Linda Foulis has 
been a big help as well. We are nearly done with that. Hopefully by some 
time tomorrow we will have the wiki operational again.

All of these people are volunteers making a big contribution to this group.

Mary Sue

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