Some Misc. bulbs

James Waddick
Wed, 14 Mar 2007 17:27:04 PDT
Der All;
	Yesteday I noticed a couple buds on the Juno ,I. 'Sindpers' 
and today both are fully open in the unseasonably warm  (and very 
welcome ) weather. Although I. aucheri is always the first Juno to 
produce foliage, it is never the first to flower.
	'Sindpers' is a hybrid between I. "sindjarensis"  x I 
"persica" (now. I., aucheri x I bucharica ?). I got my bulb from Jane 
McGary and recommend it as an easy Juno. Gorgeous blue color, too.

	Fritillaria persica is one of the easier Frits in my open garden.

	Of 4 bulbs planted around 4 or 5 years ago. One is a 
distinctive green color on emergence and has grown slowly to only 2 
heads.  The other three all have grey-green color on emergence ( all 
3 from Hoog and Dix) . 1 of these now has 27 heads and is a small 
'bush' in stature, Another has about 14 heads, the next has barely 
emerged to count heads and the fourth seems to have disappeared.
	Of course not all these multiple heads bloom and they may 
easily be prone to blind heads if there's a cold spell.

	Tulipa turkestanica has gone from nothing to foliage to buds 
and I wouldn't be surprised to see a flower before the day is over. 
These little beauties seem to run at double time. Later in the day- 
open and beaming.

	A bright magenta surprise reminds me that Cyclamen 
"caucasica" (possibly) has suddenly come to life again.

	Lots of smaller bulbs going berserk, but I admit a findness 
for all the tommies* especially those that self sow around.

	The season has begun and bulbs are eager to show their stuff. 
Hellebores are the garden stars now -maybe 600 of them! OK, a bit 

		Best	Jim W.

* Crocus tommasinianus
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