Tulip mystery

C.J. Teevan gardenstreet184@yahoo.com
Wed, 14 Mar 2007 16:30:08 PDT
Since it is almost Tulip season here on Long Island, I wonder if you have any theories about a problem I have with them every year.
  I grow Tulips up and down my driveway.  The first few years, bloomed beautifully.  Then one year came along and I noticed one afternoon that all of the Tulips (perhaps 100) had been de-flowered at the tip of the stalks.  The flowers were lieing next to the plant they had been from, on the ground.  I thought this was the work of a jealous neighbor or a very crazy woman who lived nearby, with scissors, in the dark of night.
  So I planted as usual the next fall and the same thing happened the next year.   By then the crazy woman had moved.  Scratch her from the list of suspects.
  There seemed to be no sign of anything else.  We have a racoon population -- would they do something like this?  Do Slugs have the ability to cut a tulips bloom at the end of the stem?  What about squirrels?  Or is this actually the work of a psychopathic florapath or tulipophobe?
  I did not plant any Tulips after a while  The ones on the other side of the house were largely undisturbed, although last year I seem to remember that there were some Tulips back there disfigured using the same modus operandi...
  Does this happen only to me?

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