Stem-less Spring Bulbs

Terry Hernstrom
Wed, 21 Mar 2007 13:05:21 PDT
My experience growing Tulips here in Southern California is limited but
pre-chilling is important. Most hybrids have to have at least six weeks of
chill in a refrigerator to bloom properly. Many are treated as annuals.
Second year bloom on bulbs left in the ground has always been disappointing.
Many large bulb suppliers will ask if you need pre-chilled bulbs when
placing orders.

My first season here I planted a bed of un-chilled bulbs and they all had
short or weak stems.

Terry Hernstrom
Director Gardens & Grounds
Kimberly Crest House and Gardens
Redlands CA.......where scores and scores of all types of bulbs have been or
are in bloom!!!

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