Stem-less Spring Bulbs

John Bryan
Wed, 21 Mar 2007 12:47:24 PDT
Dear C.J.Teevan;

Short stems can be caused by inadequate cool/cold storage, by fruit or
vegetables being in the fridge, i.e. ethylene gas, by being raised in
different micro climates, as sometimes happens with Japanese bulbs. Pay
your money and take your choice! Cheers, John E. Bryan

"C.J. Teevan" wrote:
> Would anyone be able to explain why suddenly a crop of spring Tulips would appear without stems, or with short stems?
>   I have a friend in the UK, where the spring bulbs are now beginning to bloom.  In the southern regions, the winter was unusually wet and warm this year; temperatures didn't drop below 40 degrees all season long.  In prior years, this person had no trouble, but it was colder and dryer.  I can see blasting and I can see totally blind results, but I don't understand why they would bloom but have no stems.  These were a fresh crop planted last autumn, just like every year.
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