G. papilio

Tony Avent tony@plantdelights.com
Tue, 06 Mar 2007 12:03:20 PST

We got our plants of Gladiolus papilio from Niche Gardens, but have 
since discarded it, both because it was overly vigorous and as we say in 
the south, butt ugly.

Tony Avent

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James Waddick wrote:
>> adiolus papilio is not the most attractive species
>> glad, but must be one of the most hardy.  A corm from our clone
>> hitchhiked on a plant that I shared with a friend in Minnesota.  The
>> glad has rapidly spread and survived below -20F with no problems and no
>> protection.  This certainly should be a good breeding candidate.
> Dear Tony and all -
> 	I see this is NOT sold on your web site and it is one species 
> I haven't tried, but obviously ought to do that.
> 	I Goggled a number of UK sources, but can anyone suggest a 
> good US source for corms?
> 	Anyone else tried it and have comments on the plant or its hardiness?
> 		Thanks	Jim W.

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