: Gladiolus ranges

Alani Davis adavis@ecoresource.com
Tue, 06 Mar 2007 12:03:15 PST
Which African Gladiolus; they are on both ends at least. One of my early
memories is vast expanses of Gladiolus byzantinus blooming, in a condition I
have since presumed was wild though they could have been naturalized, in
Tunisia around Tunis and Carthage. They were quite prevalent in some areas
often scattered through the Roman ruins growing from cracks and crannies in
the crumbling stone. I understand this is common along the north Africa
Mediterranean edge, but is this only African glad north of equator or are
there species through the central portion of the continent as well. I can
imagine them potentially along the eastern coast possibly because of the
extent of grasslands and mountains providing more suitable geography, but I
am not that familiar with the species distribution in the genus. Are
northern and southern Gladiolus species isolated populations or are there
species across at least portions of the tropical central portions of Africa

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