Turtles and Tortoises in Captivity

MATT MATTUS mmattus@charter.net
Mon, 19 Mar 2007 17:12:06 PDT
I know this is off topic, but this is sort-of on topic.

I've been keeping quiet, but we 'rescued' a large South African tortoise a
few years ago Joe brought him home, and he spends his summers in the rock
garden, with stone and a concrete wall, where he can eat grass, hide in
shade behind large rocks, and grow even bigger.

Winters, he spends in the art studio, a large room heated by a wood stove,
but he also has a infrared light to keep his environment warm. I have been
surprised at what a character he is. When I week the rock garden, he (Fred)
walks around and surveys the surroundings. He can't reach the plants,
because he is in a pit shaped area, much like a zoo habitat. Our Irish
Terriers keep the Raccoons away, and but they are always curious about him.

Last summer he spent lost in the Berkshires, when a fellow NARGS members son
took him to live with him. After escaping, he was pierced through his shell,
and had a ring attached, and was tethered to a tree with a chain. Although,
officially he I snow very 'cool'. He is back with us once again.

Snakes? Dare I admit that even though I am a guy, have loads of tattoos and
a shaved head.....and a major gardener and a rock gardener...that I am
hopelessly horrified at even a photo of a garter snake, and I take great
lengths to avoid them by any means possible! I know, I can't help it. You
have no idea how much money it took to design a 30 foot glass greenhouse
that is sunken, with a snake-proof foundation! I did it, but I am crazy! I
am even now, while writing this, slightly freaking out seeing the word snake
appear on the screen.

Matt Mattus
Worcester, MA USA
Where it is snowing again this evening, but the Hamamelis is in bloom in 12
inches of snow.

On 3/19/07 12:37 PM, "Judy Glattstein" <jglatt@hughes.net> wrote:

> Jim raises some good points. However: my two tortoises had a large
> portion of our L-shaped bathroom for their winter quarters. There was a
> box with large cut-outs on all sides, with a heat lamp in the roof, so
> they could easily warm up or cool off.
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