chuck schwartz
Mon, 19 Mar 2007 17:24:41 PDT
If you take vegetable oil or liquid soap (NOT DETERGENT) mixed with water 
and spray the plant with scale, you smother the scale and kill it. This is 
much quicker than hand picking and also completely organic
chuck Schwartz
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> We have scale also and it is extremely hard to get off.  Hand picking 
> each
> one does work and is messy and very time consuming.  A blast of water  may 
> work
> before they make the shells that are attached to the plant.  There  are
> several kinds of scale and maybe Carlos has a different scale than we 
> have.  We
> have more than one kind.  I think many people on this list  don't realize 
> what a
> problem snails and slugs can be either.  I can pick up  over 100 in a 30
> minute time frame and keep doing this all day long in bright  sunlight and 
> there
> are still more.  So when people talk about just hand  picking those, they
> obviously live in areas that do not have so many.  We  work on controlling 
> them
> every year, all year long.
> Carolyn in Los Gatos where we are constantly dealing with snails  and 
> slugs.
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