Bracey Tiede
Mon, 19 Mar 2007 17:48:38 PDT
In California at least there are both soft scale and armored scale.  The
soft scale can be controlled with a soapy spray pretty much anytime but the
armored scape can only be controlled when they are in crawler stage which
arrives here in San Jose in early spring.  Then an oil spray smothers the
crawlers.  The University of California has a Pest Note on the topic with
host plant lists and lots of great pictures to see if your scale are like
any of these.…

Small birds like Bushtits are very good at getting rid of soft scale.  

San Jose CA
where just about everything is in beautiful bloom right now and where we
don't have turtles and where thick tree-trimmings mulch and drip irrigation
keep the snail/slug populations low.

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If you take vegetable oil or liquid soap (NOT DETERGENT) mixed with water 
and spray the plant with scale, you smother the scale and kill it. This is 
much quicker than hand picking and also completely organic
chuck Schwartz

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