Turtles and Tortoises in Captivity-OT

Susan B honeybunny442@yahoo.com
Mon, 19 Mar 2007 18:08:25 PDT
OK, I have to weigh in on the tortoise thing too. I've owned 2 red footed forest tortoises since 1993.  A year later, they may have saved my life- I accidentally left a gas burner on (but not alight) and went to bed.  I had the bedroom door closed but woke up before dawn to a coughing noise (ACK ACK ACK).  I blearily wondered if the tortoises were getting a cold... and finally got up to check on them.  When I opened the door, I was practically overcome by the gas smell, and quickly turned off the stove and opened the windows.  
Fred and Ethel trudge around the yard, hiding under the rhubarb leaves if it gets too hot for them.  They eat sunflower seedlings and morning glory seedlings in the garden but that is about all, although I'm sure they would love slugs.  They go crazy for protein of any sort, but it is bad for them.  I never let them outside if I'm not around.

Matt, African spur thighs LOVE dandilions, if you didn't know.


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