Tue, 20 Mar 2007 09:18:27 PDT
Try a soft toothbrush, preferably one you are about to discard (inless you have a roommate, sibling, ect. you dislike!), dipped in a small cup of 3% peroxide (straight solution). You do not need to apply pressure, just gentle passing over, no hard scrubbing.

Tsuh Yang wrote:///that/ must be quite some equipment you have, carlo, as
in my experience scale insects are basically glued to
the plant and very hard to knock off unless you use
your fingers and pick them individually one by one.

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> ...a good strong spray of water will blast off scale
> and mealy
> bug--about the least toxic solution imaginable. A
> few drops of a plain
> dish washing soap is often used as a wetter.

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