Early Daffodils and more than you might ever want to know about them!

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Wed, 28 Mar 2007 06:17:28 PDT
Dear Dave and all,
	Thanks. Contrary to more than you might ever.... this just 
makes me want more.

	Although I can't grow the earliest paperwhites, I can grow 
'Minnow' (with foliage damage from too early sprouts and 'Gernanium' 
does very well.

	The "Hoop Petticoats' are a near total loss outdoors, but 
with minimum protection of a cold frame or cool greenhouse they are 
very nice.

	I like the Div 6 suggestions and my fall bulb shopping list 
will be a bit longer.

	Thanks for all the info and temptations.

	Another favorite right now is the late Sid Dubose' "Raspberry 
Rose'  - a wonderful combination of peachy pink and white.

	 "Hopelessly bitten" ? Maybe, but not quite ready to fly 
'down under' for a second spring.

	And I am glad to put in a word for Dave's own daffodil sales 
(Cascade Daffodils). Ask to get his list when it is available.

		best		Jim W.

and Jay thanks for the new pix. I really like 'Goden Echo', a good contrast.
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