Doug's Self-pollination strategy

Jacob Knecht
Wed, 28 Mar 2007 02:41:55 PDT

That's a remarkable technique!  Have you raised
seedlings that bloom true from this method?

This is very exciting for me because I own only single
clones my rare Haemanthus and they are very reluctant
to set any seed when self pollinated.

Jacob Knecht
Honolulu, Hawai`i

--- Doug Westfall <> wrote:

> > Alberto,
> The system is rather easy.
> Take the pollen from a "related" flower (in this
> case, another 
> Hippeastrum), place it in a micro-wave for 20
> seconds (this kills the 
> reproductive properties of the "donor" pollen), mix
> it with the pollen 
> of the flower that you wish to produce seeds.  Apply
> the mixed pollen 
> to the desired flower and it will cause the flower
> to receive its own 
> pollen.
> Now this seems a little fantastic, but it was
> recommended to me, I 
> tried it on Sprekelia howardii and it worked. I had
> tried for several 
> years to pollinate Sprekelia howardii without
> success. Since I am not a 
> Botanist of a geneticist, that is all that I can
> tell you - it worked.
> It is certainly worth a try! Give it a go and let me
> know if it works 
> for you.  I will be trying it again this year.
> Best of luck,
> Doug
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