David Victor davidxvictor@btinternet.com
Sat, 10 Mar 2007 00:45:11 PST
Hi Jim,

You having beaten me in the race to Mike Salmon's last Ungernia 
bulbs, I'm not sure I should tell you, but...........

Josef Halda's catalogue has had around six entries for Ungernia for 
each of the last three years, collected at a variety of place in 
southern central Asia.  This year, they were mainly from the Pamirs.

I have taken them each year but, so far, have only managed to 
germinate one seedling and that died.  Normally, my success rate with 
such material is pretty high, so I'm not sure whether this failure is 
to do with the quality of the seed by the time its received, or my methods.

Best regards,
David Victor 

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