First Bloom

Agoston Janos
Sat, 10 Mar 2007 02:16:21 PST
First tulips in Hungary... :)

And other first bulbs too...

fint the pictures here (2007.03.07):
Hyacinthus 'Anne Marie':
Iris histrioides × winogradowii 'Katherine Hodgkin':
A bit more Katherine:

Tulipa Fosteriana 'Concerto':
Tulipa kaufmanniana (The Wild Form):
Tulipa Kaufmanniana 'Showwinner' (yesterday):
That's all for now...

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  Subject: [pbs] First Bloom in Ohio

  ONE flower of Iris reticulata opened today when the temps nearly 
  reached 70 deg F.
  Oh yeah baby... IT IS ON!!!   lol
  (I love spring.)

  Dennis in Cincy

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