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Subject: Green & yellow shipping labels to the US


Hello everyone -

We in the US found an interesting glitch in those green & yellow shipping
labels that we supply to overseas organizations (and private seedsmen) for
shipping seeds to their US members. All international addresses should have
the country name as the last line, but APHIS did not print "United States"
(or even "U.S.A.") on the labels. In general, this was not a problem. But
the inspection station at JFK airport - which receives all the seeds from
Europe - is in Jamaica, New York (printed "Jamaica, NY"). 
So, you can imagine the problem!

NARGS found that over two dozen of its donors' shipments spent a month in
Jamaica last Fall, before being forwarded to the US. That detour held up the
collating and printing of the seed list. And I don't know how many US
members of overseas organizations have seen a delay this Spring in receiving
their requested seeds.

Although this issue had been pointed out to (and acknowledged by) APHIS a
year ago, nothing was done. However, conversations with APHIS staff last
week have produced results. New labels have been printed and will be used in
the future. 

But, in the meantime, those organizations and seedsmen who receive the old
labels for shipping should print "U.S.A." on the shipping envelope beneath
the green&yellow label (nothing should be written on the label). I know that
this is an extra step in the already tedious process of
distributing/shipping seeds, but US seed-lovers will be grateful for the
timely receipt of their seeds.

It would be appreciated if you could also pass this information to private
seedsmen and other shippers that you know, who would not be on this list.

Thank you all very much.
With best regards -

Joyce Fingerut
Government Liaison,
North American Rock Garden Society

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