Sinningia Aghensis

Dylan Hannon
Thu, 29 Mar 2007 23:34:35 PDT

A simple peat + perlite mix with a little sand (10-15%) works well
with sinningias in general. Most like bright light but not direct sun
and ample water and fertilizer while in growth. Let dry somewhat
between waterings. I'm not sure about this particular species but it
probably will go dormant in winter, when it needs a dry cool rest. In
other words protect from cold+rain by keeping indoors or on a
sheltered patio.

Pot it up in a container just large enough to fit the tuber snugly,
with the top of the tuber exposed. If needed (too frequent watering
required) it can be moved to a bigger pot while in growth.

Good luck,


On 3/29/07, Norman Rose <> wrote:
>   Hi all,
> I will be receiving a tuber of Sinningia Aghensis in
> the next day or so from the last BX offering. After
> searching the web & viewing all the PBS archives I
> still have a couple questions. Should the soil be made
> up mostly of pumice & pea gravel and a little compost?
> Can it take full sun here in Z9 Northern California? I
> will have this in a pot can it survive outside in the
> winter or should it be kept inside and kept dry?
> thank you
> Norman Rose
> Z9 San Jose California
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