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Yes David,
I hope that by googling my name and reading my correspondences with various e-lists, the human resources departments of prospective employers can see that I am not the only one who gets some satisfaction out of dispensing with horticultural pests. Of course I may be rather paranoid of my tongue-in-cheek writings, but according to an article on a job search board, it happens. 
Carlo, try putting some hydrogen peroxide solution in that water, and watch them foam up. Am I perverse to say that you can actually hear them sizzle? It doesn't hurt the plants and may actually work to stimulate their immune responses.  ; - )
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  I think you are mising the point.  While getting rid of scale and mealy bug may be the object, real satisfaction comes from killing them.  Let me give you an example: when I go out on my third floor balcony in the early morning and see snails on any of my plants, I pick them off and hurl them will all my might to the pavement below.  When they hit, the flesh and the shell go in opposite directions.  That is real satisfaction.

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...a good strong spray of water will blast off scale and mealy
bug--about the least toxic solution imaginable. A few drops of a plain
dish washing soap is often used as a wetter.

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