Tortoises and Raccoons

Judy Glattstein
Sat, 17 Mar 2007 12:28:42 PDT
Back in 1973 we brought two tortoises home from a summer in Holland, 
along with the two children, dachshund, and two cats we'd started out 
with, as well as 7.5 kilos of flower bulbs, 20 small rhododendrons, and 
a box of assorted plants. Details of our arrival at Kennedy Airport are 
another story.

The tortoises spent winters in the bathroom, summers in a cage outdoors. 
They did indeed enjoy slugs, and would come hustling (well, about as 
well as a tortoise can scurry) to be hand-fed, getting gooey and foamy 
around their beak-like mouths.

One summer the raccoons carried Kleine away and ate her. Grote was 
banged up, with a colorful scute over her bony carapace knocked off. I 
took her to our children's orthodontist, who did a neat patch with 
monomer / polymer plastic. I was sworn never to reveal his name, lest 
every ill tortoise in Fairfield County, Connecticut show up on his doorstep.

Judy in New Jersey where winter has returned with better than 3 inches 
of accumulated snow and sleet unplowably adhered to our driveway

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