tree peony propagation

James Waddick
Mon, 21 May 2007 07:12:29 PDT
Dear friends,
	Named tree peonies are usually propagated by division or 
grafting. Division is obvious. Gratfing less so. Until my book (in 
progress) on the topic is out, the basics are covered in a American 
Peony Society "Handbook" for about $5. Contact them via the address 
given at their web site. Graft in Aug or Sept.

	Seeds will NOT produce an identical plant. Starting seeds is 
covered in some detail in 'The Genus Paeonia" by Halda and Waddick. 
Plant seeds as soon as ripe (August) outdoors in a protected spot. 
They need a few months of warm weather before winter to germinate 
next spring.  Storage only prolongs germination one or more years.

	Easy this way, fussy if not. 		Good luck.		Jim W.
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