tree peony

Mon, 21 May 2007 06:52:56 PDT

         You can sow the seeds but you might not get exactly the same 
type of flower and fragrance.  It would be like any seed sowing.  The 
Chinese and Japanese take a root of a herbaceous peony and graft a 
branch of the wanted tree peony on it.  I'm not sure exactly how the 
process is done, but when I have planted the Tree peonies I have 
growing now at my farm home in Pennsylvania, I have seen these grafts 
covered with wax.  When you plant the tree peony you bury the graft a 
few inches (3-4in  8-10cm) under the ground so the tree peony 
eventually grows it's own roots.  I hope this information helps you. 
You might be able to contact an European nurseryman who sells tree 
peonies and reieve more information.

At 05:03 AM 5/21/2007, you wrote:
>My neighbour has a beautiful tree peony (big white flowers with a 
>red troat and very fragrant) dos anyone know how I can multiply the 
>peony, is it by taking a bit branch? Or can it from his seed? If it 
>is with the seed of the peony, do you have then the same white flowers?
>kindly Regards,
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