tree peony season 2007 - commentary

James Waddick
Mon, 21 May 2007 06:35:39 PDT
Jim McM wrote-

>  Mother's Day the first of the yellow-flowered sorts had only just begun
>to open

	Oddly their are no defined cultivar groups for tree peonies 
in America, probably because of their rarity in general. China 
recognizes at least 4 and theres' at least a few more clear divisions.

	All of your "yellow- flowered sorts" are members of a group 
generally known as the "American hybrids" or "Lutea Hybrids". All are 
based on the work of the two American hybridizers, Prof. A.P. 
Saunders and N Daphnis and originate from crossing primarily Japanese 
suffruticosa types with the species P. lutea or selections. The 
single most common is 'High Noon', but Saunders introduced almost 80 
(not all of which are "just' yellow) and Daphnis another 40 or so.

	Just to hang a name on your plants.		Jim W.
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