Fritillaria unibracteata
Tue, 29 May 2007 18:53:39 PDT
>From Chen Yi in China, I have a single flowering stem of Fritillaria unibracteata over the past week.  It has taken 4-5 years to finally flower.  I'm suspicious of the identity of anything from Chen Yi, as experience has shown most plants purchased from her establishment are misidentified.  Here a a few photo links (taken near dusk with a flash).  The first photo shows the leaves from two bulbs; one has a single broad lanceolate leaf (non-flowering plant), and the 2nd one has a 10-12" tall stem, with two whorls of 3 very narrow leaves, an upper whorl of two leaflets, then a single vertical bract at the crook of the flowering stem.  Certainly appears to fit the name, uni-bract-wise.  Any one know this species, does it look like the right thing?…

The next two shots are close-ups of the tubular flowers.  This first shows the outside, a dark chocolate color, and the other photo shows the interior, a bright lime-gold color heavily speckled with brownish red.……

Mark McDonough
Massachusetts, USA (near the New Hampshire border)

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